Firefall beta key giveaway: win access to this weekend's test

How would you like to try Red 5's upcoming open world multiplayer alien blaster, Firefall? It's got jetpacks, and creepy crawly beasties, and it's set on the golden beaches of Copacabana hundreds of years in the future. Thanks to a terrible event involving an asteroid and a malfunctioning spaceship, future Earth is wrapped in a glittering purple miasma called The Melding that makes it look like a wrapped sweet from orbit. Sadly, the shiny purple stuff is terribly poisonous to the remaining vestiges of humanity, and it has warped all of Earth's creatures into aggressive mutants. That's more than enough excuse forge sweet sets of robo-armour and start the fight back.

If you'd like to spend a weekend helping humanity save Earth from a terrible purple death, follow the link below for a chance to win one of 5,000 beta keys!

Let me into this weekend's Firefall beta!

This beta event starts on Friday and concludes on Sunday. Codes will go out via email once the giveaway wraps up on Friday. Keys can be redeemed on the Firefall site , where you'll find lots more information on Red 5's free to play shooter.

Tom Senior

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