Finger Lickin' Geraldo mod makes The Witcher 3's Geralt even more handsome

Nexus modder Votislav has done the impossible: make Geralt better looking. Votislav's newly released Finger Lickin' Geraldo mod, which you can download here, changes the already fetching Witcher's stubble, complexion and eyes to make him appear sharper and younger but just as grizzled and dangerous. Gaze upon him: 

The mod sports a white beard and brows, yellower eyes, scars left by a Striga (a woman transformed into a monster by a curse, if you're wondering), and most importantly, "quite possibly the best stubble in the world." It also includes a variant without the scar and with eyebrows and skin more in line with vanilla Geralt. 

For maximum effect, Votislav recommends pairing Finger Lickin' Geraldo with a few other mods (some of which were also used in the images above): Cinematic Hair by Feregorn and Holgar96, Weathered Face by curme, and Disable HairWorks on Geralt by WitcherBoy1981. You'll find plenty of other great choices in our roundup of the best Witcher 3 mods, which you can wrangle using the easy-to-use Nexus Mod Manager.

With that out of the way, there's something else I simply must share with you. Tucked away in the image gallery for Finger Lickin' Geraldo is perhaps the most incredible Witcher image since that other image we sometimes use. Votislav titled it "the stuff of dreams," and I have a hard time arguing with that. I present to you, Big Geralt: 

Incidentally, there's something else you need to see, if only because I had to see it and I'll be damned if I'm going to suffer alone. It's Geralt's texture file, the stuff of nightmares: 

Oh god, take me back. 

There we go.

Austin Wood
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