Final Fantasy X / X-2 Remastered graphics options revealed

Final Fantasy X / X-2 Remastered releases for PC on Friday, and many – including myself – are champing at the bit to play it. There are reservations, though: Square Enix's PC ports don't have an immaculate track record, and more generally speaking, JRPGs tend to come with very few graphics options when they hit PC.

That doesn't appear to be the case with the X / X-2 remaster, though: during a livestream earlier today, three reps from Square Enix spent as many hours bantering over footage of the game. During that stream they happened to scroll through the graphics menu, revealing the following options (via Reddit):

Screen Mode
Texture Quality
Anisotropic Filtering
Color Correction
Post-Filter AA
Unsharp Mask
Ambient Occlusion

Meanwhile, the following cheats and tweaks will also be available, again, via Reddit:

Increase or decrease encounter rate
Double and quadruple gameplay speed
Auto-battle handled by AI
Max out consumables
Max Gil
Unlock skills 

Conspicuously absent is a framerate toggle: the stream footage appears to be at 30fps, and the most recent PS4 port of X / X-2 was capped at 30fps too. Since the game logic is tied to frame rate, that's unlikely to change, but who knows what modders have up their sleeves.

Shaun Prescott

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