Final Fantasy 14's next expansion has a name and a new job

Final Fantasy 14's next expansion will be titled Dawntrail and the trailer seems to hint at a new job plucked out of the other Final Fantasy MMO, Final Fantasy 11.

At Fan Fest today, Square Enix showed a trailer for FF14's fifth expansion, following up 2021's Endwalker. Along with a bunch of familiar faces, the trailer shows the player character stand-in taking a ship toward what looks like an island. He fights with a one-handed sword and is wearing a cloak over garb that looks a lot like the pirate-themed Final Fantasy job, the Corsair—a job that debuted in Final Fantasy 11.

The rest of the two minute trailer suggests the expansion will focus on traveling to coastal locations and—if I had to take a guess—preventing the end of the world by dueling a god or two. There's also a catboy taking a giant bite out of a taco, and if that's not an emote like my pizza one, then this expansion will be a failure.

Dawntrail will be out in Summer 2024, giving Square Enix plenty of time to detail more features coming to the game at this weekend's Fan Fest and the next two in October and January next year. I expect to hear more about the major graphical update coming with the expansion, which will modernize the look of the 10-year-old MMO.

It's been a while since FF14 absolutely exploded in popularity as many unhappy World of Warcraft players moved over. Dawntrail could do it again. I just hope those queue times aren't so soul-crushingly bad that Square Enix has to stop selling the game like when Endwalker launched.

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