Final Fantasy 14 update trailer demos new quests, dungeons and gear items

After being met with resounding criticism back in 2010, Final Fantasy 14's Realm Reborn relaunch has gone from strength to strength since its 2013 arrival. Each passing update has added a slew of new stuff, while unique tales of players weathering the in-game housing market, or visiting hobbyist theatrical groups continue to inspire. The latest incoming patch 3.5—named The Far Edge of Fate—furthers this trend, bringing with it several new dungeons, mounts, gear, and quests among other things. 

Dun Scaith, for example, marks a new 24-person raid arena where players will go up against dungeon bosses Scatach and Deathgaze; while a Hard version of Sohm Al offers extra challenge. Baelsar's Wall is another new locale which straddles the Garlean Empire-controlled territories and the three city-states of Eorzea. 

A continuation of the main storyline acts as the update's main quest drive—the first part of The Far Edge of Fate—while Beast Tribe quests and the return of inspector Hildibrand and his cronies make up but some of the patch's more lighthearted plot drivers. Furthermore new mounts and gear items comprise its more superficial-leaning features. 

Full details can be found in this direction, however this eight-minute trailer showcases the above and more: 

Of course beyond all this, Final Fantasy 14 will welcome its second expansion on June 20, named Stormblood. Here's a comprehensive rundown of everything we know

The first half of Final Fantasy 14's The Far Edge of Fate update, on the other hand, is due January 17. It's second part is due at some stage in March.