Final Fantasy 14 player who ate 999 eggs now eating more than 138,000 eggs

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade, and when a random stranger in an MMO gives you 999 eggs you make a legend. That's what happened in Final Fantasy 14 last year when Ross O'Donovan logged-on and live-tweeted as he—a chill catboy in sunglasses with a koala on his shoulder—stood in one spot and ate eggs for over an hour while a crowd gathered to cheer him on.

That "well fed" buff must have finally worn off, because O'Donovan is back at it again. He's currently livestreaming an attempt to eat a full inventory of nothing but eggs. That would be 140 stacks of 999, or 139,860 eggs he has to laboriously eat one at a time, except he's got a chocobo saddle or something in there as well. Whatever, the final number is still over 138,000 and that's a lot of eggs. "It's estimated that it will take 69 hours to eat these", he tweeted. "So I guess it'll also be a subathon. I've also got contingency plans to avoid the risk of carpal tunnel."

The rules for the subathon are that he has to be constantly eating "even if doing content",   and for every 1,000 subscribers an additional stack of 999 eggs gets added to his inventory. He'll be sleeping on stream (but taking bio breaks), and for the duration he'll only be eating meals with eggs in them. Which sounds better for your health than the PUBG streamer who ate nothing but chicken for a month. Oh, and if O'Donovan manages to get 20,000 subscribers he'll shave his head, "becoming an egg."

He's on the Malboro server, Crystal data center, if you want to watch in-person. Or you can head to Twitch any time before midnight on Friday, which is when he's calling it quits so he doesn't just end up eating eggs for the rest of his life because the internet thinks it's funny. 

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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