Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker will reset your mid-level progress, so level up before it launches

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Final Fantasy 14 hosted its 67th Letter from the Producer over the weekend—a livestream from the likes of producer Naoki Yoshida and other team members to provide updates on the game.

Among news like upcoming expansion Endwalker being delayed by two weeks, there was a ton of info about what we can expect when Patch 6.0 does finally land on December 3. Tucked between all the fun nuggets of content was a PSA I very nearly missed—make sure your characters aren't on the brink of levelling up before Endwalker releases.

The entire game is going through some numerical downscaling when the expansion comes out. It means things like health, damage and other stats will have smaller numbers than they do now—it doesn't mean we're all becoming weaker, numbers are just having a hard time rendering right now. It's a pretty big change server-side, with the entire database being re-written.

It means that any mid-level experience earned will be reset to 0 when Endwalker comes out. That means if you're just shy of levelling up to 78, you'll end up losing millions of EXP and going back to the beginning of 77. So if you're approaching December 3 and notice a few classes are teetering on the edge of levelling up, make sure you do a quick FATE or dungeon to push them over. The reset applies to all classes and jobs, retainers and your Trust NPCs, so make sure you have all your bases covered.

Yoshida said he actually wanted to just bump everybody up a level so we wouldn't have to deal with the faff, but apparently that's a far more complicated process and would have taken an entire three weeks of constant downtime and maintenance to make happen. 

While many players will likely have most of their jobs maxed out by now, it's still a handy thing to know for people like me who are slowly getting through levelling up each one. Considering I would have missed this entirely had I not randomly decided to peep a recap video while at the gym, I thought some others may have also missed the memo. With just over three weeks to go until we hit the moon, it should be plenty of time to sort things out.

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