Final Fantasy 14 5.5 update detailed: will pave the way for Endwalker's story

(Image credit: Square Enix)

The latest patch for Final Fantasy 14 is due to arrive on April 13, wrapping up the story in preparation for Endwalker. The patch was previously announced at the Final Fantasy 14 showcase, where CEO Yosuke Matsuda 'accidentally' let slip the patch's release date, but with no additional details.

Patch 5.5, dubbed Death Unto Dawn, will be split into two parts, with the second half arriving in May. Across the two parts, patch 5.5 will release new Main Scenario Quests tying up the Shadowbringers storyline and paving the way for Endbringer's release sometime this autumn. The first half also brings the third chapter of the Nier crossover alliance raid, YorHa: Dark Apocalypse.  

New trials are also on the way. The Cloud Deck Trial will introduce the Diamond Weapon, available in both normal and extreme difficulties. There's also a new Unreal Trial, though we don't know which primal will be featured this time.

The main story quests also bring the dungeon Paglth'an, which can be completed in a party or using the Trust System. And across the game, all level 70 dungeons will be available in Explorer Mode—letting players dive into an enemy-less instance. You'll be able to whip out your instrument of choice in Explorer Mode too, thanks to the added ability to use performance actions. You'll also be able to change instruments at any time while performing, with a brand new mystery musical contraption on the way.

The Sorrow or Werlyt and Save the Queen questlines are getting updates, along with a new zone called Zadnor. The relic weapons are also getting their final upgrades, likely increasing the item level cap. There'll be some general job adjustments, new mounts, and new custom deliveries too.

This is all just for part one of Patch 5.5, mind you, with more story coming in part two later this year. Check out the full update details here, with more to come when the full patch notes arrive on April 13.

Mollie Taylor
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