Farmlife roguelike Atomicrops' Epic exclusivity is ending, and it's adding new stuff

Atomicrops isn't like those other farmlife sims where you inherit your grandfather's farm. No, in Atomicrops you inherit your dead uncle's farm. It's completely different! Actually, what makes it different is that as soon as you inherit that farm a nuclear war starts and you have to defend your farm from mutants every night, working your way through seasonal bosses until you make it to Nuclear Winter. Or die trying and start again.

It left early access on May 28, but was exclusive to the Epic Games Store. That exclusivity ends soon, and it'll be launching on Steam and GOG on September 17. To celebrate the occasion, developers Bird Bath Games are updating Atomicrops to add a variety of new guns, upgrades, characters, and a tunneler tractor that can tunnel back to your farm. The Steam version is also getting leaderboards and daily challenges.

When our Chris Livingston played Atomicrops in early access, he arrived at the conclusion that, "Personally, I'm not sure I'm cut out for farming in the post-apocalypse—there's far more shooting than gardening in Atomicrops, and I prefer a farm where the only danger is tipping over my tractor. But Atomicrops is fun and wonderfully animated, especially the various vegetables you grow, which have faces (or at least eyes) and they all jump and wiggle around excitedly in the irradiated soil when it's time for you to harvest them."

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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