Far Cry Primal 101 video reveals the deadly details

Far Cry Primal 1

Edit: Here's a US mirror if the embedded video won't play.

Original: So let me make sure I'm absolutely clear on this: the animals want to eat you, the cannibals want to eat you, and the psychotic fire-wielding tribe want to char-grill and maybe eat you if there's nothing else going. It's going to be one of those sorts of days.

The latest Far Cry Primal video fills in the blanks in the wake of the story trailer. Bear riding, for example, is confirmed; owl executions also guaranteed. More striking is the confirmation of a settlement-building component in which you not only round up the scattered survivors of your tribe but are required to gather the material to help them open up shop, in turn unlocking more missions and 'spiritual journeys', which are confirmed to involve boobs, in keeping with previous Far Cry games. Tradition is tradition, I guess, but maybe give the video a pass if you're at work.

Otherwise the trailer is five minutes of anarchic fun, involving phrases like "flaming ball of destruction" and "double bow and arrow". Good stuff.