Far Cry 6's best vehicle is whatever the heck this thing is

Far Cry 6
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If you play Far Cry 6 you're gonna hear the world "resolver" a lot. On the island of Yara it basically means "do it yourself." DIY. The guerilla fighters of Yara don't have the type of modern equipment the military has, so they have to get creative, turning a motorcycle engine into a gatling gun and a CD player into a deadly disc launcher.

The resolver philosophy extends to vehicles as well, including one called the Avispa Buzzer. I had no idea what this thing was when I stumbled over it—it's got a couple fan-blade engines, two cheap-looking seats, a car battery, and some skids that look like repurposed air tanks—but it quickly became my favorite mode of transport. I like it better than helicopters, boats, and horses, because the Avispa Buzzer is essentially all three combined.

The Buzzer flies, but it's more agile and less cumbersome than the helicopter, able to easily strafe left, right, and backwards. It's got a mounted machine gun, which is a bit tricky to aim since there's no traditional reticle, but with the agility of the Buzzer I'm usually swooping and strafing around close to my target anyway. With no overhead blades it can take off and land in tight spaces without much clearance.

And, unlike other aircraft, you can't crash and sink in the water (unless you've been shot down). Bring the buzzer down on water it'll just bounce right off it, and then hover a few feet above. Cut the engines and it'll drop to the waves and float there so you can climb back in. Try that with a standard helicopter and it'll sink like a stone. Advantage Avispa.

It's easy to skim both the water and the land, flying low enough to go undetected by anti-aircraft guns that will make a mess out of your planes and choppers. In fact, I've been using it to take out anti-aircraft guns because I can fly right up next to them and chuck dynamite out of my Buzzer without them ever firing a missile at me.

You can fly so low it's like riding a horse, except a horse will stop if you reach the edge of a cliff or a deep river and buck you off its back. The Buzzer won't ever do that. Perfect vehicle, if you ask me. You can fly it high enough to shoot down planes and low enough to go fishing. If you're playing co-op, there's a seat for your partner, provided they don't mind sitting facing backwards. And it's even got a radio.

As for where to find one, well, I have to admit I'm not entirely sure. I found my first one parked outside Hideout Montuno in Cruz Del Salvador (see the map below), but I think it was only parked there because I'd upgraded the Montero Farm guerilla camp to have an 'enhanced hideout network' which means a vehicle will be parked outside all other hideouts. So, if you can't find an Avispa Buzzer in the wild, give that a try. If I locate any guaranteed locations for the Buzzer, I'll update this.

And once you've found one, don't forget to fly it to a camp and land it on the helipad there. That'll add the Buzzer to your vehicle roster and you'll be able to spawn it on any helipad you own.

(Image credit: Ubisoft)
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