Far Cry 3 level editor detailed: hundreds of assets, waterfalls and tunnels

Far Cry 3 will its own improved version of the user-friendly level editor that shipped with Far Cry 2. That's according to a report from Far Cry 2 mapper Fallen Champ, who visited the Ubisoft Massive studio in Malmo, Sweden, earlier this month and got an early look at the updated tools. He's posted plenty of details of his experience on the Ubisoft forums .

The vibrant jungles of Far Cry 3's islands means plenty of new themes and terrain types to experiment with. Town, Temple, Airport, Village, Mines, Radio Tower, World War 2 and more are listed as asset types. Different types of water and waterfalls will be available and a tunneling tool should allow for more inventive caves and hidden routes. Mappers will also be able to drop AI-driven NPCs into maps to test out combat, though it sounds as though full maps can't be exported if they contain NPC animals and pirates, which suggests we won't be able to create co-op maps with the tools.

There's always a chance that modders will make their way around that particular limitation. We'll find out soon enough. Far Cry 3 is out on November 29 in Europe and Australia, November 30 in the UK and December 4 in North America, and it's rather good. Find out why in our Far Cry 3 review , and see the Far Cry 3 level editor in action in the video below from Platform 32 .

Tom Senior

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