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Fanatical launches Doom Bundle, up to 69 percent off

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At the start of this month, digital sales site Bundle Stars rebranded itself as Fanatical. It's since launched a number of deals packages—such as the Max Damage and Curve Digital bundles—and now turns its head to id Software's hell-set demon shooter Doom. 

Tier one of Fanatical's Doom Bundle discounts 2016's Doom reboot by 67 percent, selling for £6.66/$9.99 alongside all of its add-ons and DLC. Tier two, if you're feeling flush, adds Doom Classic Complete and Doom 3: BFG Edition into the mix for £13.84/$19.99. Note that it's not possible to upgrade from one tier to the next after purchase, so bear this in mind before splashing out. 

If you fancy taking Doom 2016 for a spin before committing to the above, a free demo can be downloaded from Steam. Here's a snippet from James' review last year: 

With Doom’s campaign, id Software found a sweet spot nestled somewhere between nostalgia and modernity that celebrates the pulpy sheen of big-budget shooters and resurrects an intense, simplified focus on the shooting itself. Doom sticks a bit too close to home to reinvigorate the genre, but it’s a reminder that FPS games aren’t limited to stop and pop corridors and political melodrama. It’s a reminder that sometimes a controlled, crafted appeal to base desires—going fast, flying high, and swift, tongue-in-cheek demon justice—is more than enough.

Fanatical's Doom Bundle is live now through Monday, December 4 at 3.59pm PT/11.59pm GMT.

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