Fallout: New Vegas strategy guide is bigger than War and Peace

Fallout New Vegas - kaboom!

At more than half a million words long, the strategy guide for Fallout: New Vegas will be the biggest ever released, and will dwarf famously giant literary classics like War and Peace. It's also roughly the same size as the script for one of designer Chris Avellone's previous games, Planescape: Torment. Trufax, and more of which below.

The hefty tome will list every enemy in the game, detailing where they can be found and what they carry, and give the player more information on the many factions that inhabit the new wasteland. The guide also painstakingly maps over two hundred locations in the world, and lists every item in the game. As a secondary use, you ever find yourself in a post apocalyptic wasteland, you'll be able to strap it to your chest and it should double up as a useful piece of armour.

The book comes in two flavours, the standard edition for $25, and the bigger, harder edition for $35. The latter should be better at stopping bullets.

For more information, check out the strategy guide blog . Alternatively, check out our preview . The game's due out next Tuesday in the US, and Friday 22nd worldwide.

Tom Senior

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