Fallout 76's free Wild Appalachia update begins today with a quest for booze

It's a day later than planned, but Fallout 76's Wild Appalachia update has begun. Starting today, and with new stuff planned for just about every week until summer, players can take their first steps onto the Fallout 76 roadmap. The new trailer above shows what we can look forward to this spring.

It begins today with a new questline, 'Wasted on Nukashine', the completion of which will allow players to use the new brewing and distilling systems to craft drinks. You can start the quest by viewing a party invitation poster, which are scattered here and there around the map, including at all the train stations. You can also pick up a poster for free in the Atomic Shop, place it at your camp, and then read it there to begin the quest. Once you're done with the quest you can add the brewing workbench and fermenter to your camp and start tending bar. There will be daily quests to brew and chug various boozy drinks and learn new recipes.

More good news: a reporting tool has been added to the menu, so if you spot any cheaters/griefers/exploiters will you're playing, you can report them to Bethesda. There's tons more in today's update, such as balance changes and bug fixes. Read the full notes here.

This is just the beginning of Wild Appalachia. Next week, on March 19, the Fasnacht Parade begins, a limited time event (it ends on March 26) involving masks and robots that takes place in the town of Helvetia.

Christopher Livingston
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