Fallout 76's first seasonal event will add spooky masks, burning effigies

Beginning on March 19 and lasting for a week, Fallout 76 players will get to experience its first seasonal event. Called Fasnacht, it's a parade held in the town of Helvetia, and a repeatable quest associated with it will involve helping the town's robot shopkeepers set up for the march. Enemies will need to be cleared from the route, decorations chosen, and music played.

The parade will end with a burning of Old Man Winter in effigy, but the festivities will attract even more enemies. The more marching protectrons players protect, the more loot they'll earn at the end of the event, including creepy masks like those in the screenshot above. There are also new C.A.M.P. plans with festive Fasnacht theming to earn.

Over on their blog Bethesda have also shared some details about the next patch, with a lot of changes to energy and heavy weapons, C.A.M.P. placement, and a new interface to make tracking challenges easier.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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