Fallout 76 patch arrives a week early with over 150 fixes

The Fallout 76 patch originally planned for January 14 arrived today instead, and it contains over 150 fixes and tweaks. Among the highlights: bobby pins, instead of weighing 0.1 pounds, now weigh 0.001, so you'll no longer be burdened by your tiny little lockpicks. Legendary hunting rifles will now drop as loot (finally), which is great news for all you hopeful snipers out there. The number of components needed to repair weapons and armor have been lowered across the board, too, so hopefully we'll be spending less time scrounging for springs and screws.

Some exploits have also been addressed. The amount of XP earned from Glowing Ones has been lowered, meaning nuking them and then farming them won't be the level-gaining bonanza it once was (and might improve the weather around The Whitespring). An issue that allowed the duplication of items has been fixed, though I think this is the second time such an issue has been patched and exploiters keep finding new ways to do it. We'll see how successful it is this time.

There's a ton of other fixes and tweaks in this update, but on PC it's only about 500 MB in size. The patch is live now, and you can read the rest of the notes here. Patch notes from earlier updates can be viewed on the following pages.