Fallout 4 mod adds C4 explosives and a remote detonator

If you're looking for a new way to blow people up in Fallout 4, allow me to direct you to the Remote Explosives mod. It adds new C4 plastic explosives, plasma charges, and improvised explosive devices, plus a hand-held detonator that will set off any of the explosives you've planted with a single click. Nifty! Even better than simply dropping your new explosives at someone's feet, you can reverse pickpocket the devices into an NPCs inventory, shuffle nonchalantly away, and blow them up from a safe distance.

Below, modder FadingSignal lays out all the details in this short yet incredibly informative video.

The explosives can be planted in the same way mines are in the vanilla game, and the detonator is equipped like a pistol. The mod also features custom animations and sounds. You'll need rank 2 of the Pickpocket perk if you want to slip your charges into an NPCs pockets, and level 2 of the Sneak perk to avoid suspicion if nearby NPCs are hurt by the blast. With ranks in the Demolition perk, your explosives will do more damage—otherwise, the damage of the explosives is comparable to proximity and bottlecap mines.

The explosive devices can be purchased from vendors, found as loot, or crafted. According to FadingSignal, the mod won't conflict with any other mods you're using.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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