Fallout 4 horror mod Pilgrim returns, remastered, after vanishing for years

There are plenty of horrors in Fallout 4 already, but for those chasing a true horror experience, 2017 mod "Pilgrim: Dread the Commonwealth" completely transformed the post-apocalyptic RPG into a waking nightmare. Thick fog and spooky lighting turned Fallout 4's atmosphere into one of pure dread. As I said back then, it looked like a mix of Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl and The Road, with a bit of The Witch thrown in.

But not long after Pilgrim arrived it was taken offline, apparently after some disputes between the mod's creators. It resurfaced again in 2019, but was once more taken down. For a long while, there wasn't a great way to find Pilgrim's mod files without asking around in forums or using mirror sites.

Great news for horror fans: As spotted by PCGamesN, Pilgrim is back, and what's more, it's been remastered. Take a gander at the new trailer above. It looks spooky as hell.

Pilgrim Remastered—ENB and Weather reappeared on Nexus Mods today, uploaded by one of its original creators, TreyM. The overhauled weather of the original has been improved  and the mod is now fully compatible with Fallout 4's DLC. There are some new features included in the remaster, too:

  • Custom fog shader designed to complement the game's existing fog and volumetric rays
  • Weather adaptive ENB SSAO
  • Per weather ENB configuration for balanced lighting in all conditions
  • Heavily modified DOF shader designed to mimic the behavior of real lenses
  • Full 16bpc of color precision for all color operations resulting in nearly zero perceptible banding

I won't pretend I understand precisely what all that means, but if the trailer is any indication, all that work was worth it. It looks spectacular, even if it is a couple days late for Halloween. 

You'll find Pilgrim Remastered here at Nexus Mods, where you'll also find instructions on how to get it running and a short list of recommended mods like Pip-Boy Flashlight (you'll definitely want that one) and Enhanced Lights and FX

Christopher Livingston
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