Prop maker crafts functional, gorgeous replica of Fallout 3's Terrible Shotgun

Fallout 3 Terrible Shotgun

Fallout 3's Terrible Shotgun is one of the most powerful weapons vault dwellers can acquire, offering devastating critical damage at close range and plenty of spattered headshots. Now, as Polygon reports, prop maker Harrison Krix has constructed a working model of the shotgun in just a month. Shut up and take my bottlecaps .

Krix's lengthy writeup on constructing the beautiful boomstick details how the weapon's design closely mirrors the Russian PPSh submachine gun, and how the four-week project progressed from concept drawings to a mixture of wood, plastic, and resin. Yes, like most of Krix's other gaming-related works—such as a full-blown BioShock Big Daddy suit (with working drill of death) and a steel axe from Skyrim (functional because, well, it's an axe)—the shotgun behaves like an actual weapon, but the shells aren't included.

Other prop-masters have crafted odes to their favorite games with similarly stellar results—recently, Bill Doran's impressively accurate Handsome Jack mask picked up a flurry of admiration from Reddit .

Omri Petitte

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