Fallen City: rebuild a broken town, save Angries from purple rage

Fallen City

Fallen City is an educational game commissioned by British broadcasting organisation, Channel 4. It aims to examine what it means to live in a British city, and explore the difficulties of maintaining inner-city communities by putting you in charge of one. It's the first game from new developers Big Robot Games, and is being headed up by friend of PC Gamer, Jim Rossignol, who has posted some new details and screenshots on the Big Robot blog .

You're given a broken, destitute city, and must renovate it to cheer up the grumps that live there. They're known as "Angries" for their sour demeanour, and some of them are so full of rage, they've literally turned purple. The solution is to inspire the Angries by renovating their community, rebuilding derelict ruins and cleaning up the streets, thus encouraging them to be more helpful, and less purple. Fallen City is due out early next year. If it follows the same pattern as Channel 4's other educational games, it'll be free to play, too. Check out some of the first screens of Fallen City below.

Tom Senior

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