Fall Guys meets Dark Souls in this perfectly disturbing fan-made video

Fall Guys Season Two has a charming medieval theme and at least one excellent new minigame. With its Middle Ages aesthetic, dragon costumes, and pudgy little warrior beans dashing around on castle walls and over drawbridges, it's just as bright and colorful as it always was.

But what if it wasn't? On YouTube, Sanadsk used the Unreal Engine to create the darkest and grittiest medieval crossover imaginable. Fall Guys Meets Dark Souls brings Mediatonic's energetic and wholesome platformer into the bleak and dangerous world of Lordran. Check the video out above. It's fantastic. This should be Fall Guys Season 3.

It's not just the grubby and slightly misshapen beans wearing hideous Dark Souls cosmetics. Sanadsk has also visualized some excellent Dark Souls minigames that include massive spinning wooden wheels and windmills, whirling columns of fire, and lava-filled pits as the hooting competitors leap and fall through The Abyss, Crystal Caves, The Lost City, and more. Prepare to Dive Edition, indeed.

Thanks, Bloody Disgusting.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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