Fall Guys Easter egg can drop players into a creepy level full of lifeless jelly beans

(Image credit: PrinxessTi)

If you've ever been playing Fall Guys and found yourself, in an uncharitable moment, wishing that all your opponents' jelly beans would fall down dead so that you could qualify unimpeded, spare a thought for Twitch streamer PrinxessTi. Yesterday they discovered that this fantasy scenario is a bit less satisfying and more worrisome when it plays out in real life.

PrinxessTi somewhat sheepishly Tweeted at the official Fall Guys account with two screenshots that appeared to show a massacre at The Jelly Bean Factory. "I'm very sorry but I think I might have broken your game," they confessed.

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The images in question show PrinxessTi's character appearing in the game as normal, but their competitors are all dressed identically in red-and-green skins featuring the logo of developer Mediatonic—and, more alarmingly, they all seem a bit… well… dead is the word that springs to mind. Lying on the ground, unmoving, and variously contorted into awkward positions or sporting a T-pose that could be mistaken for rigor mortis—death isn't really a feature in Fall Guys, but if it was, you can't help but think this is how it might look.

Fortunately, the Fall Guys Twitter account was on hand to clear up the confusion: it's a secret feature, a "cheeky shout out" to Mediatonic themselves, where potentially hundreds of branded jelly beans will spawn at the beginning of the level.

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Fall Guys also clarified that it's a "very low probability" that this will happen in any given game, and that most players won't ever get to see it for themselves. While PrinxessTi probably wasn't the first player to see this Easter Egg, now that it's been brought to light we can expect hunting for this elusive and eerie battlefield to become an eager new pursuit for fans of secret content.