Explore the gorgeous world of Horizon Zero Dawn in our video tour

We scored Horizon Zero Dawn an 86% when it arrived on PC last month, and though there have been some niggles with the port, there's no doubt that this is one of the most lush-looking open worlds you can currently experience. To give you a sense of breadth and richness of this post-apocalyptic landscape, which has been overrun by all manner of machine life, we asked Tefty to create a video tour. 

Set a millennia from now, here you'll find biomes that are bristling with dangerous predators, from the croc-like Snapmaw lurking by river banks to the circling Stormbirds of the snowy north. Horizon's enemy design is as inventive as its landscapes are lush. Keep a particular eye out for the enormous Tallneck, which functions both as robot brontosaurus and mobile comms tower.

Adding substantially to the enjoyment is Aloy, the game's protagonist, who we recently called:  "nuanced, fierce, and likeable". You can find all of our Horizon Zero Dawn coverage here, but for now sit back and enjoy the tour.

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Tim Clark

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