Evolve trailer reminds you of its single-player mode

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Look at all those hunters, getting ready to fight the various beasties of Evolve as part of a coordinated group. Well, Turtle Rock have just released a new video reminding us that you don't need other people at all—you can play Evolve just fine on your own. Probably. I mean, it doesn't sound like the ideal way to play, but thanks to AI and character hotswapping, it should be feasible at any rate.

Here's a look at Evolve's "solo gameplay experience". It's two matches; the first shows the player having a go at being the monster against four AI hunters, while the second shows them taking control of the hunters, using the nifty ability to switch between characters at any point.

As with Left 4 Dead, I think it's great that you can play Evolve by yourself. I went through the campaigns of L4D and its sequel on my own before venturing into co-op; firstly to learn the layouts, and secondly to explore the environments and story at my own pace, without having to accommodate faster or slower players and kind of ruining my first playthrough. I don't imagine many people will be buying Evolve without having co-op in mind—either with friends or with strangers—but it's good that offline's still in there as an option, a fallback or a warmup.

In weirder news, Evolve has a tie-in match-3 companion app (opens in new tab), which...yeah.

Tom Sykes

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