Evil Genius is free right now, and you might want to grab your copy quickly

(Image credit: Rebellion)

In a lockdown pitch from Rebellion to "put a stop to any and all homebound productivity, sending the world into an inexorable nadir of ineffectiveness!" you can grab a Steam copy of the publisher's darkly humourous strategy game, Evil Genius, for free right now.

To get the game follow this link and link your Rebellion account to Steam. The giveaway only lasts for an undisclosed "limited time", so you might want to pick it up as soon as possible.

In Evil Genius you play one of three evil genius archetypes and build a lair containing "kung fu academies, rocket caverns, and laboratories". You recruit henchmen to roam the corridors hunting down invasive James Bond types, send out goons into the world to do evil deeds, and ultimately build a doomsday device so you can take over the world.

That's a good way to spend a weekend or two. The giveaway is also a good way to remind everyone that Evil Genius 2 is still in development. We revealed the game at the PC Gaming Show last year if you want a closer look.

To help new players along, Rebellion has also put together a tips video, which sadly fails to mention the unspoken rule that you must steeple your fingers Mister Burns style between every action you take, while occasionally cackling maniacally at your monitor. If you're going to be evil you have to get it right.

Tom Senior

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