EverQuest 2 update 63 live today, adds dragon city, dragon-free evil swamp place

SOE's EverQuest 2 has had another major update today with the release of the Skyshrine content pack. Players who own Destiny of Velious will find the level cap bumped up to 92, new instances and raids, prestige abilities, and new tradeskill items and quests. These are tied to the two new zones that you can see in the trailer above. The first, the Withered Lands, reputedly includes over 100 quests for groups and solo players. This leads you through to Skyshrine itself, a dragon city under siege from "powerful forces."

If you also own the Age of Discovery expansion then you'll get a new theme for Dungeon Maker, Poet's Palace, as well as tradeskill apprentices and new creatures for Beastlords. The full list of additions is available on the Everquest 2 community news site .

Chris Thursten

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