EVE: Valkyrie gets co-op mode in PlayStation cross-platform update

Sci-fi dogfighter and Oculus Rift debutante EVE: Valkyrie will receive its latest update today—named Joint Strike. 

Ahead of Valkyrie's PlayStation VR launch on October 13, Joint Strike sets Rift players up for cross-platform support with their console cousins, and sees a range of new features introduced to the space-flung multiplayer shooter. 

Beyond cross-platform play, as well as a hearty list of superficial tweaks—such as UI and menu adjustments—is a new co-op mode, where you'll invite friends to your Squad, or matchmake and tackle a team of AI "balanced to compliment the skills of your team." 

'Com alerts' are new short and instant messages designed to help teams rally round an objective; while two new single player Recall missions are added to the Chronicles HUB—the latter of which serve to uncover more backstory on the game's characters and events. New daily challenges add an element of deeper replayability to Valkyrie, so too does a new training area, game guide, paint jobs and decals. 

Full details on everything Joint Strike adds, including balancing adjustments, can be found here. To mark the cross-platform launch, developer CCP dropped a PlayStation launch trailer, should that be something you're interested in:

EVE: Valkyrie's Joint Strike update is set to go live today. 

And, since we're talking Oculus Rift, the Oculus Connect three-day conference wraps up today. Yesterday, the price and release date for the headset's wireless controllers—Oculus Touch—was revealed.