EVE Valkyrie footage shows an explosive escort mission

NEC Convoy03

I've been tragically deafened by the EVE Fanfest crowd's reaction to the above Valkyrie footage. At home—on a monitor that isn't the size of a house—it might look slightly less like something worth bursting someone's eardrum over. Nevertheless, it's an impressive and action-packed look at how the VR dogfighter has progressed.

The footage is from an early offline mission in which the player, as a Gallente cadet, is on escort duty. It's a training mission for online play, which remains EVE Valkyrie's main focus. CCP says their goal is to make Valkyrie the best competitive multiplayer game available in VR. No pressure, then.

Also revealed in CCP's Valkyrie keynote was a new heavy fighter with an EMP-based stun attack, and a new game mode that requires teams to deploy drones in order to capture control points. Also there's the voice: that's Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff.

Phil Savage

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