Eve Online stats: 10 players explode every minute, 21 million players exploded since 2007

Eve Online

Ten people explode every minute in Eve Online. 604 people explode every hour. 14,502 people explode every day. In total, more than 21 million people have exploded at the hands of NPCs and other players since CCP added the kill report system on December 5, 2007.

These stats come from a CCP blog post on the official Eve Online site titled " you people really do love blowing up spaceships ." We do, it's true. But it's still surprising to learn exactly how much we love blowing up spaceships. 13,540,707 of those 21 million explosions happened in PvP battles. As you'd expect, the bulk of these (7,061,988) happened in null sec space, but the high security zones aren't as secure as you might think. Nearly two million deaths were recorded in Eve's safest areas.

Rancer, N-RAEL and M-OEE8 are the most dangerous sectors, though CCP say that this is likely due to a high rate of pod-killing in these zones. 44% of all deaths in Rancer were players trying to flee in their emergency vehicles. "Probably best to make sure your clone is up to date before going there on a picnic," CCP advise.

Beyond Capsules (easily the most often killed ships in Eve), Frigates, Battlecruisers and Cruisers are the most commonly blown up ships. Projectile weapons claim by far the most final blows of any weapon. For the full suite of stats, check out the blog post on the Eve Online site . It has lovely pie charts and everything.

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