EVE Online pokes fun at doomsayers with a new login screen


Are you prepared for the coming apocolypse ? Is your kitchen full of canned food and non-perishables, just in case the Rapture is happening tomorrow? What about a first aid kit and water? Are you planning on spending your last hours on street corners shouting angrily at stangers passing by? Maybe you can still save their--Ah, forget it. Let's just stay inside and play EVE Online instead.

The guys and gals at CCP in Iceland have always had a special way of making gamers laugh--whether through a NSFW rap video or an epic chess-boxing match at this year's FanFest. And now, they're making light of the cult proclaiming that Jesus is returning tomorrow, which will inevitably trigger a massive apocalypse to destroy the world as we know it.

However, we still have some hours left to play videogames, and EVE players logging in today will be greeted with a friendly jab at the dire predictions on the login screen. It's good to see the developers can maintain a sense of humor in the face of impending doom.