EU Giveaway: Win Red Orchestra 2! Become a hero of Stalingrad!

Red Orchestra giveaway thumb

Listen up soldiers! We've got ten copies of Tripwire's Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad to give away, da? Ten of our European readers will be chosen by our glorious leaders to defend mother Russia against the Nazi threat.

Are you up to it comrade? Then find out how to enter inside.

Red Orchestra 2 is Tripwire's gritty, realistic World War 2 eastern front shooter. If you like your games hardcore and tense, this is the shooter for you. Not convinced? Read our Red Orchesta 2 preview .

Here's how you can win:

We want you to pitch us a war-game. It can be any genre, and play however you like, but it has to be based on a real life conflict. The more arty and unusual the better!

Answer in the comments below, the ten most original, interesting, historically obscure and funny ideas will win a copy of Red Orchestra 2.

European entrants only I'm afraid. The competition ends on September 30th. If you win you will be notified by private message and your name will appear in this week's winners. Good luck comrade!