EU Giveaway: win Access to the Aion free-to-play beta

Aion beta key giveaway

Aion is a CryEngine powered MMO in which you play as a winged, angelic warrior tasked with defending the gorgeous realm of Atreia against invading forces. Constant updates since launch have added new zones, flighty PvP, cute pets, afros and more. The once-ponderous levelling speed has been boosted time and time again to give players the chance to see more of Aion's beautiful zones. It's going free to play in Europe in the coming months and we're giving you a chance to spread your wings early.

We've got 500 keys to give away for the Aion free to play beta. If you get into the beta, you'll automatically be granted 'Veteran' status when Aion free to play goes live. This will give you a few extra features over starter players, like the ability to open up your own shop.

All you need to do to enter is put your name and email address into the Aion beta key competition page, which you can discover through this link right here.

I want in on the Aion beta. Give me wings, PC Gamer!

And that's all there is to it. If you win a key, you can redeem it on the Aion Free to Play site . They'll be sent out once we all 500 have been snapped up, so tell your friends if you want in quicker. The Aion client is available to pre-load here . Good luck!

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