Escaped Chasm is a free game about loneliness from Undertale's artist

Escaped Chasm is a brief but striking RPG-maker game from animator and illustrator Temmie Chang, whose work you might recognise from Undertale. It's a lonely and occasionally unsettling yarn, but if you don't mind feeling a bit uneasy for 20 minutes, you can grab it from It's free, but you can also choose to pay.

Chang's art is the highlight, which switches between monochrome pixel art and vibrant cutscenes. It's Chang's first RPG-maker game, and her first go at a project that goes beyond animation, but it's not obvious. 

It's pretty easy to spoil a 20-minute game, so I'll try my best to avoid it. Isolation, weird dreams, the collision of the surreal and mundane, eating sugar straight out of the bag—there's strange stuff going on. Depending on how you spend your sojourn in Chang's world, you'll end up with one of four endings, though there's a specific one you should be trying to get. 

Escaped Chasm is something of an Undertale reunion, too, as Chang has again collaborated with Toby Fox, who provides the excellent, understated in-game music. 

Pay what you want for Escaped Chasm on now. 

Cheers, RPS.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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