Ereban: Shadow Legacy is a cyber-stealth game that gives you shady powers

While the Xbox and Bethesda showcase was packed with plenty of things we expected, there were also a few intriguing surprises. One of them was Ereban: Shadow Legacy—a stabby cyber stealth-'em-up set in what appears to be a North African-inspired world that’s been taken over by not-so-friendly robots.

I’m digging the setting—it’s rare that we see these parts of the world given a kind of robo-apocalyptic treatment. Neon signs and steely walkways jut out amid sandstone buildings, while palm trees and minarets rise up alongside formidable metal silos. The cel-shaded aesthetic looks the part too.

The hero, the titular Ereban, seems to have some nifty powers at her disposal. Most notably, she can morph herself into a kind of shadow-smoke form that lets her quickly close distances on enemies, creep along walls, and squish herself through vent slats. It looks like this particular power will be a core hook of the game.

Combat-wise, the trailer only shows stealth kills narrated by some enjoyably old-school revenge-babble that gives me fond flashbacks to Bloodrayne. But unlike the vampiric action-slasher, Ereban looks committed to keeping her kills quiet and stealthy. To that end, we see our blue-haired heroine do things like land on a robo’s shoulders before stabbing a glowing blade into their face, or disappear into shadow form before re-emerging behind her prey. At one point, a robot lifts her up by the head, then right as it’s about to deal the finishing blow she teleports herself behind it. Very nice.

Ereban: Shadow Legacy is set to be a day one release on PC Game Pass, published by Raw Fury and developed by Barcelona-based studio Baby Robot Games.

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