Epic Games Store adds a key feature at last

Epic Games Store
(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Epic Games Store turns four years old in December and has had its fair share of teething problems. Functionality has been particularly slow in arriving, with the store lacking things as essential as an 'add to cart' feature until last December. Epic's been slowly grinding away nevertheless, and is now finally adding another much-needed feature as our list of free games grows ever-longer: library collections.

Yep, you can finally create up to 11 folders to store your games in, as well as the option to now add games to a favourites list. The process is simple—either hover over a game and hit the heart icon in the top-right corner, or click the three dots underneath the game's thumbnail and select 'add to collection,' choosing an existing collection or making a new one.

Folders seem like a feature that shouldn't have taken such an awfully long time to arrive—hell, even the Nintendo Switch got folders before Epic did—but good (or basic) things come to those who wait. It's easy enough to compare the launcher to Steam and lament its lack of features, but considering Steam has an extra 15 years on Epic it does sometimes feel like an unfair comparison.

You have to wonder how much time and energy Epic dedicates to making its launcher better, though. As we discovered last year, the publisher doesn't expect to start making a profit until 2027 and only one of its many exclusives actually turned a profit. Despite all that, it's still committed itself to giving away free games every single week. We've seen the likes of Borderlands 3, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and ARK: Survival Evolved grace our libraries this year and it looks as though there's no sign of it slowing down. 

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