Epic Games opens streaming-focused studio led by Star Wars: Rogue Squadron creators

(Image credit: Factor 5, LucasArts)

Update: Epic Games has said its new studio will work on "existing streaming technologies", such as those that let players watch the Fortnite World Cup while in-game. Don't expect the studio to pump out new games or streaming platforms, then.

Original story: Epic Games has opened a new streaming-focused studio in Cologne, Germany, to be led by the founders of developer Factor 5, which made the excellent Star Wars: Rogue Squadron games.

The new studio is led by director Achim Moller, who joined Epic in March, and Julian Eggebrecht, who joined in January. The pair have served as technology partners for both Nintendo and Sony, and Eggebrecht was previously a vice president at Hulu. They founded Factor 5 in 1987.

Epic said the studio opening was part of its new focus on "emerging forms of interactive media and streaming technologies", and touted the pair's experience working with Netflix and Amazon. It didn't say what the studio is currently working on.

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