Epic battles in Feudal Japan coming in Sengoku

In an early announcement at GDC, Paradox have revealed their newest title to the word: Sengoku. A grand strategy title set in 15th century Feudal Japan, Sengoku promises to be historically accurate and offer a deep political game experience. You can see the serene first reveal trailer above, and get all the details after the jump.

Sengoku focuses on deep character driven gameplay, with players heading an influential and powerful Samurai family. Starting in 1467 during civil war, the Ashikaga Shoguns' authority has collapsed and so it is every man for himself. Through honour, conquest, betrayal and combat, players will work towards the survival of their family and the capture of power.

Paradox have said that the games will feature a deep political system, where deals can be made with external powers in order to help progress your power struggle. In your bid to become Shogun, you'll be able to employ powerful Samurai soldiers and recruit Ninja clans as you wage war across a historically accurate map of Japan as it was during the warring states period.