Enter to win a copy of PlanetSide Arena with closed beta access

PlanetSide 2's persistent, massively-multiplayer war kicked off back in 2012, and it was brilliant—although somewhat underappreciated. That war hasn't ended, but the current trend in shooters calls for self-contained matches a la Fortnite and PUBG, and PlanetSide Arena is Daybreak's answer. The focus remains on scale: At launch, Arena will include a 150-player battle royale mode, as well as 'Massive Clash,' which pits two 250-player armies against each other for a total of 500 players. Check out Chris' preview for more on those modes and what's planned post-launch.

PlanetSide Arena will go for $20 when it releases on Steam on January 29, but there's also a $40 Legendary Edition which includes closed beta access (beta timing TBD). Daybreak has given us 100 Steam keys for the latter to give away to our readers. Here's what a key will get you:

  • Closed beta access
  • Season 1 Battle Pass 
  • Three class armor sets (Engineer, Assault, and Medic) 
  • M-20 Tempest hoverbike Pack

Want one? Just enter your email address in the form below (if it doesn't appear, click here). 100 winners will be randomly selected on Wednesday, January 16 at 12 pm PT, and keys will be emailed out the same day. Note that your email address will only be used to send you a key should you win—we won't see it, and Godankey won't keep it.

If you're a PC Gamer Club member, check the Discord server's #giveaways channel for another opportunity to get a key. Good luck!

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