Endless Space announces Disharmony, the turn-based strategy's first full expansion

Endless Space is already a disharmonious place, with multiple factions locked in turn-based 4X fighting. And the game's developers, Amplitude Studios, have been busy stoking the fires of this conflict, having previously released four free add-ons, introducing new units and factions to the game. Now they're set to unleash the biggest galactic overhaul yet, with Disharmony, Endless Space's first full, paid-for expansion.

A teaser trailer gives you an idea of what to expect. Sort of.

Right, yes, okay... We'll probably need to go elsewhere for firm details on what the expansion contains then. Like Amplitude Studios' Disharmony page .

The star of the pack is the new faction, "The Harmony," who are described as having a "unique play style," albeit one that hasn't yet been revealed. In addition, the expansion will include new units, including fighters and bombers, and an overhauled adaptive AI system.

Here's the full feature list:

"We're lucky to have a motivated team and even luckier to have such an incredible community," said Amplitude CEO Mathieu Girard. "Our expansion pack has been designed based on player requests and community G2G votes, and we hope that it fulfills – or surpasses – their expectations."

Disharmony will launch this Summer, and will cost $9.99

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