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Endless Space 2 trailer showcases the perils and prizes of exploration

With the 4X strategy game Endless Space 2 just a couple of weeks from release, Amplitude Studios and Sega have released the first in a series of four new trailers, each of them showcasing one of the game's "X" features. First up, as determined by the traditional 4X hierarchy—that would be Xplore, Xpand, Xploit, and Xterminate—is "Explore."

At the beginning of Endless Space 2, your civilization has finally discovered the secret of "starlanes, the cosmic strings that connect planetary systems and form constellations," and more importantly, figured out how to use them. That means it's time to start flinging things into the void: Probes, perhaps, if you're a Nervous Nelly, or your one and only exploration ship if you are a Manly Man Interstellar Adventurer. Either way—destiny awaits! 

Endless Space 2 has been available in Early Access for a while now, and so far the response seems quite positive, although multiple players note that it does suffer from the sorts of bugs and technical wonkiness you'd expect from its pre-release state. Hopefully Amplitude will be able to sort them all out before the game goes into full release, but there's not a lot of time left: Endless Space 2 is scheduled for launch on May 19. 

Andy Chalk
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