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Endless Space 2 lands on Early Access today, celebrates with 'split vision' trailer

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First set for Early Access release this summer, Amplitude confirmed last week that Endless Space 2 wouldn't debut until October 6. That's today, of course, and the sci-fi 4X strategy game has marked the occasion with the following "split vision" trailer. 

Follow the Sophons' tale on the left, and the Vodyani's on the right: 

In its pre-release state, Endless Space 2 offers two more factions in the Cravers and Lumeris, and boasts two victory types over the course of 100 turns. That means you're either aiming for the highest score, or laying waste to each and every one of your adversaries. 

The Endless Space 2 Steam page mentions the game's scope for players to craft their own, idiosyncratic tales. Looking to Phil's hands-on preview, I'm most interested in how this idea relates to in-game diplomacy. Over to Phil: 

"In my session, I get a bit carried away with buying out minor factions. Once assimilated, you gain a minor faction's planets, ships and, most importantly, population. Pretty soon, my senate—once perfectly pacifist—is filled with different ideologies. 

"My session isn't long enough to see the fallout from this, but it's clear that internal diplomacy is going to be a big thing. Having the right party in power at the right time could give you a great advantage. Conversely, the wrong party could be disastrous."

Phil's take, which includes words from the developer itself, is worth viewing in its entirety—so too is Wes' 40-turn video at the top of the page. 

Endless Space 2 is out today via Steam's Early Access initiative for £34.99/$39.99 with a 25% launch discount.