Encounter dreamy dogboys and aliens in this intergalactic dating sim

A pair of exocolonists meet a frightening alien creature with a terrifying maw.
(Image credit: Northway Games)

Honestly, dating sims aren't my thing. And after watching the trailer for I Was a Teenage Exocolonist, by Northway Games, I made a mental note that getting up close and personal with 'cold-as-ice killers' and 'dogboys' doesn't really get my motor running. But looking at the gorgeous, muted rainbow landscapes, and wealth of extra-terrestrial life I might get to study, I feel like I've been swayed.

I'm not here to shame anyway—if dogboys are what you're into, go live your truth. Since this is a sci-fi dating sim that presents you with loads of possible suitors of different backgrounds, genders, and races, I figure maybe I'd be fine with wooing a hot politician, or an alien if I'm feeling exotic.

The non-romantic possibilities look almost endless here, too. There are 30 endings, and 25 different specialisms for your character to pursue—including planet surveyor, depot clerk and loads of others. Each combines a string pulled from 800 total story events ready to be uncovered throughout the game, over the protagonist's countless life cycles.

The previous teaser trailer back in may that focused on some of the choices you might come across in game. Anything from what you want to study as a teenager, to how sarcastically you'll engage with the ship's AI, and even what actions you might take if you encounter the strange, and likely lethal, extra-terrestrial creatures along your journey.

(Image credit: Northway Games)

With every decision you make in I Was a Teenage Exocolonist seeming to hold immense potential for rich narratives, and heartwarming encounters, I found myself being lured into the warm embrace of the unknown as the trailer went on. 

And whether I'll decide to work on my empathy, organization, toughness or bravery skills remains to be seen. Still, one thing's for sure: I kinda cant wait for the August 25 release date, because... I wanna link pinkies with cute alien boys, as my inner romantic blurted out during the trailer.

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