Empire of Sin gets release date and pre-order trailer

Between its gorgeous art deco design style, its almost mythical but nevertheless real-world historical setting, and its decision to focus on strategy and management rather than pure action mechanics, Empire of Sin represents a refreshing change of pace from recent gangster games.

Now, developers Romero Games and publishers Paradox Interactive have confirmed a December 1 release date for the Prohibition era-set game, which features a mix of turn-based combat, empire management, and RPG elements. Looking and feeling like an entry in the Mafia franchise but playing more like an X-Com game, Empire of Sin as a whole so far looks as cool, glamorous, and vaguely threatening as Goldie Garneau's truly stunning outfits in the above pre-order trailer.

Pre-ordering—which you can do through Steam or via Paradox's own website, as well as Amazon in some countries for the physical release (currently the UK isn't included on the list, although the US and Australia are)—will net you access to 'The Good Son' pack, which includes an exclusive mission and recruitable character. The standard edition will set you back $39.99/£34.99, and there are also Deluxe and Premium editions on offer.