How to complete Blackguard Big Boggart's quest in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Blackguard Big Boggart
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It's easy to miss Blackguard Big Boggart's quest in Elden Ring. You've likely stumbled across this NPC if you've started Rya's quest in Liurnia of the Lakes, but you might not know that you can continue his short questline if you meet certain conditions. While there's not a lot to this quest, it will net you an extra Seedbed Curse to help you complete Dung Eater's quest for one of the Elden Ring endings.

Like other NPC quests, Big Boggart's quest isn't required to finish the game, but it does add a little flavour to the Lands Between and gives you lore details you might otherwise miss out on. So if you're ready to get stuck in, here's how to complete the Elden Ring Blackguard Big Boggart quest. 

How to start Blackguard Big Boggart's quest 

You first meet Blackguard Big Boggart at the Boilprawn Shack, just south of the Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia. After speaking to Rya, found just southeast of Boggart's location, talk to him and he'll offer to sell you Rya's necklace for 1000 runes. 

You do have the option to kill him to get the necklace, but obviously, this will prevent you from starting his quest. Once you have the necklace, return it to Rya, then head back to Boilprawn Shack and speak to Big Boggart again. Buying his Boiled Prawns makes him trust you.

Blackguard Big Boggart should now be available as a summonable NPC at the Magma Wyrm Makar fight, at the end of the Ruin Strewn Precipice shortcut into Altus Plateau, though this doesn't appear to be required for his next step.

How to get the Seedbed Curse 

You'll find him next at the outer moat in Leyndell—check out his exact location on the map above if you're stuck. You can buy Boiled Crabs from him now and he'll have some dialogue about Dung Eater. This is where he'll stay until you progress Dung Eater's quest to the point where he tells you to meet him at the outer moat.

When you arrive here to meet Dung Eater, speak to Big Boggart first, and he'll tell you that he's somewhere nearby. Reload the area to find he's been wounded. When you interact with him, Dung Eater will invade you.

Once you've taken care of Dung Eater, return to Big Boggart and you'll be able to loot the Seedbed Curse, along with Blackguard's Iron Mask, Iron Ball, and Blackguard's Bell Bearing.

Note: If you don't progress Dung Eater's questline at all, Big Boggart will stay at the outer moat selling his goods. If you progress Dung Eater's quest to the outer moat before befriending Big Boggart, you won't get his Seedbed Curse. 

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