Eight arrested in StarCraft II match-fixing scandal

StarCraft 2 lighter

Eight people have been arrested following an investigation into match-fixing in the StarCraft II pro tournament scene. According to a report by the Changwon Regional Prosecution Service, translated from Korean here, one top-class StarCraft 2 pro-gamer has been charged 70,000,000 won (roughly $62,000 USD) for manipulating two matches.

Meanwhile, four brokers were charged with facilitating the match-fixing, two financial backers have been charged with providing cash in exchange for the activity, and another individual is also charged with placing a bet. Another pro-gamer has been charged 30,00,00 won (roughly $26,000 USD) for manipulating a match, along with two financial backers, one of whom is "currently at large".

These new indictments follow similar reports in October last year, when 12 individuals – including pro player YoDa and Prime team coach Gerrard – were implicated in the scandal. The Korean esports Association banned both individuals for life.

In January, former StarCraft League champion Lee "Life" Seung Hyun was under investigation by the same body in relation to match-fixing. Although the new Changwon report doesn't mention Life or any other players by name in its report, the translation published on teamliquid.net contains notes pointing to figures allegedly involved.

"This second investigation confirms esports match-fixing is occurring on a broad large scale, highlighting the need for not only continued policing, but extreme measures from the Korea eSports Association," the report said.

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