Eco-friendly Cities: Skylines expansion coming this October

To the delight of countless smog-choked digital civilians, an eco-friendly expansion is coming to Cities: Skylines next month. The Green Cities expansion will cost $12.99 and arrive on October 19, publisher Paradox Interactive announced today. 

As previously reported, Green Cities adds 350 objects and assets to help you clean up your no-doubt horribly polluted cities, including self-sufficient buildings equipped with solar panels and rooftop gardens, sustainable power plants and spiffy little electric cars. As revealed in the announcement trailer above, there are 200 new buildings and 100 other assets in total. New visual options, more parks, and new services such as recycling are also included, along with three new scenarios and four policy options.

"Players can go completely green as the urban population grows," Paradox says,  "and create more diversified cities with new specialized options for all zones, such as a combustion engine ban in the inner city or waste filtering requirements for industrial buildings." 

As always, a free update will also accompany the expansion. This update will add a smaller selection of electric cars, road mods, beautification items like trees and parks, and changes to noise pollution. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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