EA on Origin: "over five million people are using it on a daily basis"


It's been four-and-a-bit months since EA launched their new digital download client, Origin. In his keynote speech to the EB Games Expo last week, EA's chief operating officer, Peter Moore said that Origin is already proving popular, revealing that "over five million people are using it on a daily basis."

The hugely popular Battlefield 3 beta might have something to do with it, but it's an impressive number for a new service. Origin still has problems. It's infuriating insistence on constantly and very slowly updating being just one. CVG report that Moore was greeted by a cry of "Origin sucks!" within a few minutes of the start of his presentation. Moore responded by saying that the service will evolve for the better over the next couple of years.

"And like any piece of software, and I worked at Microsoft for enough years to say this, you launch software and continue to polish it, upgrade it, get feedback and make it better."

"As I said to the young man who shouted at me, I think two years from now we'll be back down here in Australia and talking about how it really enhances and complements the gaming experience, not gets in the way of it, which I think some people do believe right now."

Are you using Origin? What do you think of it so far?

Tom Senior

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