EA in charge of your PopCap info from January. Wall-nut and Warren seem happy

PopCap - Good News

EA are going to be in charge of your PopCap -related info from January 2, 2012. The Peggle/Plants Vs Zombies/Bejewelled-creating developers were recently bought by EA for $750 million.

You'll need to accept EA's terms and conditions by that date or you'll lose access to any PopCap currency you might have lingering in your account. That would be sad.

It's not my choice of image up there - that's how PopCap chose to illustrate the news. The entire PopCap family appear to be delighted with the changes. But they always look happy. Suspiciously happy.

Read on for the full terms and conditions.


As you may have heard, PopCap is now a division of Electronic Arts Inc. (EA)! We are very excited about this change, which will help enhance our ability to deliver high-quality gaming services to our valued and loyal customers.

As is customary with transitions like this, no earlier than January 2, 2012, EA will be assuming responsibility for PopCap's user information. Thereafter, because our friends at EA will be looking after PopCap's user information, their terms will govern your use of PopCap products, services and the data we have collected and may collect in the future. Your use of PopCap products and services will not otherwise change.

Please carefully review EA's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you are unwilling to agree to these new terms, you will still be able to use PopCap's services and spend any existing virtual currency for at least the next 30 days. At some time on or after January 2, 2012, you will be prompted to accept our new terms before you can access PopCap products and/or services. THEREAFTER, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS POPCAP'S PRODUCTS OR SERVICES UNLESS YOU AGREE TO EA'S TERMS OF SERVICE AND PRIVACY POLICY. If you do not want EA to have access to your data and would prefer to stop using PopCap as of December 31, 2011, you can request that we delete your personal information instead by submitting a request to PopCap's support services team here.