FIFA 22 web app guide

trent alexander arnold celebrating in fifa 22
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Need a hand with using the FIFA 22 web app? A lot of time spent in Ultimate Team is admin. You’ll be spending hours searching for transfers, rejigging squads, changing formations, ensuring good chemistry or assigning some unpleasant pink and chocolate away kit to your fictional club. 

But if FUT is your thing, and you do it properly, it’s a time sink. The real progress is made on the field. If your evening has an hour’s playtime, you don’t want to waste half of it with digital paperwork. A lunchtime using the web app and commute on the phone app will make the most of every second ensuring Zlatan will give your opponent’s makeweight 58-rated centre back the run-around.

So I'm here to help you get the most from your hours away from your PC or console with the FIFA 22 companion app. 

FIFA 22 web app guide: Optimising your Ultimate Team on the go

The FIFA 22 web app is almost identical to last year's, so if you used it before you’ll be right at home. The sheer weight of stuff that makes up the FUT process always threatens to get unwieldy, but I suspect that it can’t get much simpler to use than it is today. Along the bottom on the phone app, there are Home, Squads (where you can access your active squad), see the TOTW, and juggle your other squads, Transfers, Store, and Club. The sidebar gives you pretty much everything, so here's what it all means:

Get into your Objectives and Squad Building Challenges, plus access the Transfer List, Stadium, Active Squad, and Leaderboards. There are also new links out to the FIFA GLOBAL Series and Pro Clubs.

Objectives and Squad Building Challenges
The home of FUT busywork is largely unchanged, but new to the Objectives menu is Team Events. Select a side, such as Team Zidane in an Icon Battle, which are time-limited-time sets of objectives, such as scoring a hat-trick with a French player. It should be your default starting point each time you log in.

Transfer List
Here's where you astutely buy other people’s castoffs and turn them into even more coins on the FIFA market. Being able to keep an eye on changing values and auction prices wherever you are is where the app comes into its own.

Active Squad
Look at your squad (and try not to get down about it). Shuffle cards and experiment with new formations. Moving players from your club into your active squad means you have to tap the Club button on the footer.

Leaderboards do what leaderboards do. Gape at someone else’s majesty in Match Earnings, Transfer Profit, Club Value, and Top Squad.

The muted Stay Tuned is now a bigger Ones to Watch button, because this is where FUT teases you with all the shiny things in the store—look! Messi! But more helpfully, what you can earn in Squad Building Challenges.

This button takes you to Stadium customisation menu, but it’s also home to all your club related ephemera, like kits, badges, celebrations and tifos. Or as normal people say, flags.

See your players—all of them this time—and Staff, where you can shift them to your Active Squad and back. You’ll also find your Consumables—Chemistry, Contracts, and Healing. Plus Quick Sell Recovery for all your second-thought moves.

Where you get packs. Ones you’ve earned, or ones you bought, but probably shouldn’t have.

Allows you to calculate time spent, matches played, packs opened, and real money invested, before allowing you to set limits. FUT can be very expensive if you're not careful, and we’d suggest you turn FIFA Playtime on at least, so you can be sure you’re aware of, and happy with, the time and money you go through.

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FIFA 22 web app tips

Mess around

Experiment with different formations and if you’ve acquired some new players, drop them in and see how it messes with your chemistry score.

Get trading… one day

The Transfer Market is locked away to start with on the app. The way you unlock it is a bit nebulous, but it seems to be playing up to three games a day until you hit some invisible ceiling. Some suggest this is 20+ games; sometimes more, sometimes less.

Be patient. Squad Battles will unlock it and you’ll need a few thousand in trading capital anyway. You may want to save your fancy gold loan player for later as you’ll need him down the line.

Making coins

Everything requires a little work, but you can use the app to be on the market at specific times, wherever you are. The principle is buy low and sell high, obviously, and spotting cards likely to fluctuate in value is the key:

  • 6pm UK and 1pm EST is pack-opening time. People take what they want and sell the rest, leading to a supply glut. It’s a good time to buy when prices are down, so use the app to find the bargains and sell them later.
  • Look out for players with Chemistry Style cards like Shadow, Hunter, or Engine applied selling for the vanilla price. They are more valuable and have a good sell-on price. Be quick.
  • Position Change cards in particular come at a premium if they’ve already been swapped from, say CM to CDM, as someone squeezes a good card into their formation.
  • SBC solutions websites update after a significant delay. Those 'cheap' squads will quickly gain value. With good timing you can hoover up these suddenly valuable players and sell them later, as the Johnny-come-latelys turn on FIFA.